TIPD155 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Two-Channel Source/Sink Combined Voltage & Current Output: Isolated: EMC/EMI Tested Reference Design


This TI CerTIfied Reference Design implements a two channel combined voltage and current analog output module. The two outputs are independent and can both source and sink voltage and current over the standard industrial output ranges.  While the design has been characterized with outputs of ±10 V and ±24 mA: output ranges of 0-5 V: 0-10 V: ±5 V: ±10 V.4-20 mA: 0-20 mA: 0-24 mA: ±20 mA: ±24 mA are possible by adjusting external resistor values.The design includes the necessary external protection elements required to pass the IEC61000-4-2/3/4/5/6 tests along with the measured test data.  The protection circuitry does not negatively affect the design and test results showed typical unadjusted errors were

  • Contains Theory: Component Selection: Error Calculations: Schematic and PCB Layout: Measured Performance Results: and EMC/EMI Test Results16-bit resolution digital input voltage and current analgot output driver±15 V Supply: Combined ±10 V and ±24 mA outputSources and sinks voltage and current on a combined output connectionGalvanically isolated using ISO7641Passes IEC61000-4-2/3/4/5/6 tests and includes measured test data
  • Closed loop stepper
  • Analog input module
  • Analog output module
  • HVAC controller
  • Servo drive control module
  • AC drive control module
  • Programmable DC power supply
  • HVAC motor control
  • DC analog input/output module
  • Temperature controller
  • Injection molding machine
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  • Amplifiers


Part Number Name Companion Part
DAC8563 DAC8563 Buy Datasheet
ISO7641FM ISO7641FM Buy Datasheet
XTR300 XTR300 Buy Datasheet


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