TIPD138 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

SPI programmable 16-bit: 36V: 1A Power Supply with Integrated Current Shunt


This Verified Design provides the theory: component selection: simulation: PCB design: and measurement details for a SPI controlled 36V power supply capable of sourcing 1A.  It also includes an intergrated high-side current shunt accurate to 1% across multiple decades of current load.  The output of the design is sourced by the DAC8871 which supports both unipolar and bipolar output ranges.  As a result: this circuit can be easily modified to meet the needs of many different applications. See more TI Precision Designs

  • 36V @ 1A Load SPI Controlled Output0.08% Measured FSR Gain Error8.2mV Measured Offset ErrorCurrent Monitor OutputVariable Decades of Current Measurement  This Verified Design Includes:TheoryComponent SelectionTINA-TI SimulationSchematics and PCB LayoutVerification and Measured PerformanceModification Options  
  • Digital multimeter (DMM)
  • Battery test
Product Categories
  • Data converters


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TIPD138 BOM 11 Sep 2013 PDF 196
TIPD138 Schematic 11 Sep 2013 PDF 199
TIPD138 Gerber 10 Sep 2013 ZIP 2729