TIPD130 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Dual Polarity High-Voltage Differential Input Interface for Low-Voltage Comparators Reference Design


This TI Verified Design provides the theory: component selection: simulation: schematic: PCB layout: BOM: and measured performance for a dual polarity (bipolar): high-voltage differential input interface for low-voltage comparators.  The design allows a comparator such as the TLV3201 to operate with a single +3.3 V supply and to compare two input voltages that not only exceed its normal input range: but can be of either (±) polarity. The design takes into account all the comparator and passive component errors and results in

  • • TI Precision Designs: Verified Design includes Theory: Component Selection: TINA-TI Simulation: PCB Schematic & Layout: Bill of Materials: and Measured Performance• DC error due to comparator and passive components less than +/-10 mV• Input range +/-15 V: bipolar• Single-Supply Solution• Features TLV3201 comparator• Design can also be used with TLV3011: TLV3012: TLV3401 and TLV3701 comparators to achieve alternate design goals
  • Instrumentation: lab
  • analytical
  • field & portable
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TLV3201 TLV3201 Buy Datasheet

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