TIDM-TM4C129XNFC Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Wi-Fi Enabled IoT Node With NFC Connection Handover Reference Design


Configuring Wi-Fi network connection parameters in embedded applications can be completed  with a simple tap using NFC technology. This reference design illustrates NFC connection handover (pairing) and URL sharing with a Wi-Fi node using a TM4C1294 high-performance microcontroller: CC3100 network processor and TRF7970A NFC Transceiver or RF430CL330H NFC Transponder.

  • TM4C1294 MCU Host and CC3100 Network Processor as Wi-Fi HTTP ServerWi-Fi HTTP Server Works as Access Point or StationCC3100 Executes Wi-Fi Stack: Simplifying TM4C1294 Host Processor ApplicationHTML Code Remotely Controls TM4C1294 MCU From Web BrowserTRF7970A NFC Transceiver Shares Pairing Information and HTTP Server URL in Access Point ModeRF430CL330H NFC Transponder Receives Pairing Information and Shares HTTP Server URL in Station Mode
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Part Number Name Companion Part
RF430CL330H RF430CL330H Buy Datasheet
TM4C1230H6PM TM4C1230H6PM Buy Datasheet
TM4C123FH6PM TM4C123FH6PM Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6PGE TM4C123GH6PGE Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6PM TM4C123GH6PM Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6PZ TM4C123GH6PZ Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6ZRB TM4C123GH6ZRB Buy Datasheet
TM4C129ENCPDT TM4C129ENCPDT Buy Datasheet
TM4C129ENCZAD TM4C129ENCZAD Buy Datasheet
TM4C129XNCZAD TM4C129XNCZAD Buy Datasheet
TPD4S012 TPD4S012 Buy Datasheet
TPS2052B TPS2052B Buy Datasheet
TRF7964A TRF7964A Buy Datasheet
TRF7970A TRF7970A Buy Datasheet


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