TIDM-SERVODRIVE Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Industrial Servo Drive and AC Inverter Drive Reference Design


The DesignDRIVE Development Kit is a reference design for a complete industrial drive directly connecting to a three phase ACI or PMSM motor. Many drive topologies can be created from the combined control, power and communications technologies included on this single platform.  Includes multiple position sensor interfaces, diverse current sensing techniques, hot-side partitioning options and expansion for safety and industrial Ethernet.

  • Multi-sense current topologies
  • Configurable isolation partitioning
  • High performance real time control
  • Multi-protocol encoder interfaces
  • Flexible real time connectivity
  • Functional safety expansion port
  • AC Drive Main Power Supply
  • AC Drive Position Feedback
  • AC Drive Power Stage Module
  • Power Converters & Chargers for Construction Equipment
  • Servo Drive Control Module
  • Servo Drive Energy Recovery
  • Servo Drive Main Power Supply
  • Servo Drive Position Feedback
  • Servo Drive Power Stage Module
Product Categories
  • Microcontrollers (MCU)


Bill Of Materials

Download the bill of materials for TIDM-SERVODRIVE Download


Industrial Servo Drive and AC Inverter Drive Schematic

Download the schematic for TIDM-SERVODRIVE

Design File

DesignDRIVE Development Kit - Servo and AC Inverter Drives Design Guide

Download the design file for TIDM-SERVODRIVE