TIDM-PSFB-DCDC Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Phase-Shifted Full Bridge DC/DC Power Converter Reference Design


This design is a digitally-controlled: phase-shifted full bridge 600W DC/DC converter. A C2000™ Piccolo™ microcontroller is the controller for the phase-shifted full bridge converter: supporting peak current mode control and synchronous rectification. The Piccolo microcontroller implements high performance peak current mode control without any external support circuity: a distinctive capability amongst microcontroller-based designs. This design is able to achieve high efficiency across wide load ranges with peak efficiency greater than 95%: while supporting ZVS switching across the entire load range. Further: getting started with this design is easy. A GUI is provided as a convenient way to initially evaluate the functionality of the design and the Piccolo microcontroller. When ready to explore further: step-by-step documentation details the implementation of the underlying software and hardware.

  • Full microcontoller-based control of phase shifted full bridge DC/DC power conversion 400V DC input: 12V DC output: 50A rated output (600W) Peak current mode control microcontroller implementation without need for external circuitry Synchronous recitification support for increased power efficiency Adaptive zero voltage switching (ZVS) across entire load range Fault protection including input under voltage: input over voltage: over current: and output under voltage NOTE: Software for this board can be found inside the controlSUITE™ software package. Download controlSUITE at ti.com/controlsuite. Once installed: navigate to High Voltage Phase Shifted Full Bridge Developer's Kit" under Development Tools -> Digital Power section.""
  • String inverter
  • Merchant battery charger
  • Central inverter
  • Fuel cell inverter
  • DC fast charging station
  • Power conversion system (PCS)
  • Rack & server PSU with 48-V output
  • Industrial AC-DC
  • Railway auxiliary power
  • Merchant telecom rectifiers
  • DC fast charging power module
  • Battery backup unit (BBU)
  • DC wallbox charger
  • DC-fast charging
  • Unidirectional HV-to-LV digital loop
  • Bidirectional 400-V & 800-V to LV
  • Server PSU with 12-V output
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Application Area End Equipment
String inverter https://www.ti.com/solution/string-inverter#referencedesigns
Merchant battery charger https://www.ti.com/solution/merchant-battery-charger#referencedesigns
Central inverter https://www.ti.com/solution/central-inverter#referencedesigns
Fuel cell inverter https://www.ti.com/solution/fuel-cell-inverter#referencedesigns
DC fast charging station https://www.ti.com/solution/dc-fast-charging-station#referencedesigns
Power conversion system (PCS) https://www.ti.com/solution/power-conversion-system-pcs#referencedesigns
Rack & server PSU with 48-V output https://www.ti.com/solution/rack-server-psu-with-48v-output#referencedesigns
Industrial AC-DC https://www.ti.com/solution/industrial-ac-dc#referencedesigns
Railway auxiliary power https://www.ti.com/solution/railway-auxiliary-power-systems#referencedesigns
Merchant telecom rectifiers https://www.ti.com/solution/merchant-telecom-rectifiers#referencedesigns
DC fast charging power module https://www.ti.com/solution/dc-fast-charging-power-module#referencedesigns
Battery backup unit (BBU) https://www.ti.com/solution/battery-backup-unit-bbu#referencedesigns
DC wallbox charger https://www.ti.com/solution/dc-wallbox-charger#referencedesigns
DC-fast charging https://www.ti.com/solution/dc-fast-charging#referencedesigns
Unidirectional HV-to-LV digital loop https://www.ti.com/solution/unidirectional-hv-to-lv-digital-loop#referencedesigns
Bidirectional 400-V & 800-V to LV https://www.ti.com/solution/bidirectional-400-v-800-v-to-lv#referencedesigns
Server PSU with 12-V output https://www.ti.com/solution/server-psu-with-12-v-output#referencedesigns


Part Number Name Companion Part
TMS320F28027 TMS320F28027 Buy Datasheet

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