TIDM-MSP-DALI Reference Design

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Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) Reference Design


The Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) standard defines a common communication protocol and physical interface standard for use in lighting control applications. This design uses the existing TPS62260LED-338 EVM and a level translation board to implement a DALI LED device type control gear. The microcontroller found on the TPS62260LED-338 EVM is the MSP430F2131. The MSP430F2131 performs the communication with the CPU: while the timer resources are used for controlling the fade rate and the LED intensity. DALI was defined in IEC 60929 and has been updated in IEC 62386. One of the main reasons for this update was the inclusion of the LED device type.

  • DALI protocol implementation using on-board MSP430 timersPHY design for DALI interface of the MSP430 providedFor use with the TPS62260LED-338 EVMMSP430 G2 Launchpad support also providedThis reference design is tested and includes software: hardware design files & documentation
  • Wired control
  • Daylight sensor
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  • MSP430 microcontrollers


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP430F2131 MSP430F2131 Buy Datasheet
TPS62260 TPS62260 Buy Datasheet

User Guides

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Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) Using MSP430 Value Line (Rev. A)18 Oct 2012Multiple Files 

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