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MP3 Encoder/Decoder with capacitive touch interface: OLED display & SD card mass storage


The Audio Capacitive Touch design module is a plug in board for the MSP430 LaunchPad development kit (MSP-EXP430G2). This TI Design features several capacitive touch elements including a scroll wheel: button and proximity sensor: 9 LEDs that provide instant feedback as users interact with the capacitive touch elements.The TMS320C5535 DSP and TLV320AIC3204 CODEC also provide MP3 encoding & decoding capabilities. On-board USB: microSD card: OLED display: and headset interface round out the system. This solution features 2 embedded processors that cooperate and communicate via a UART API/interface between the C5535 DSP & MSP430 microcontroller.

  • MSP430 microcontroller responsible for...Capacitive Touch Sensing & LED feedback Gesture / Event Detection Host application that controls BoosterPack UART communication to C5535 DSPC5535 DSP responsible for...MP3 Encode & Decode SD Card File System USB Mass Storage Class OLED: Codec
  • AV receiver
  • Portable media player
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MSP430G2553 MSP430G2553 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C5532 TMS320C5532 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C5533 TMS320C5533 Buy Datasheet
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TMS320C5535 TMS320C5535 Buy Datasheet

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MP3 Encoder/Decoder Bill of Materials (BOM) 17 Jun 2014 PDF 39
MP3 Encoder/Decoder Altium CAD Files 17 Jun 2014 ZIP 622
MP3 Encoder/Decoder Schematic 17 Jun 2014 PDF 146