TIDM-LPBP-EPAPER Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Small Graphical eInk Display


This TI Reference design enables the development of applications for an ePaper display solution. The EPD extension board supports driving PDI's 1.44: 2: and 2.7 inch E-Paper display (EPD) modules. These displays are typically used in a small dynamic signage in stores for barcodes. Due to low power characteristic of this BoosterPack it is excellent for data-logging applications: outdoor displays: and any other ultra-low power usages.

  • Supports driving 1.44: 2": or 2.7" EPD Panel On board 8M bits serial flash memory and temperature sensor VCC input voltage is available from 10V to 3V vPixel Number: 264x176 Pixel Pitch: 0.217 x 0.217 (117 dpi) "
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Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP430G2553 MSP430G2553 Buy Datasheet
TPD2E001 TPD2E001 Buy Datasheet
TUSB3410 TUSB3410 Buy Datasheet

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