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Code Generation and Optimization With FlowESI GUI and EnergyTrace Reference Design


When designing battery-powered applications: ultra-low power consumption is the key factor in extending the lifetime of a system. Long-running designs must not waste the energy they are provided. Despite choosing appropriate low-power hardware components: firmware also takes an important role to reducepower consumption.This TI design highlights the usage of FlowESI GUI and the EnergyTrace technology to help developers to design and optimize ultra-low-power applications on the EVM430-FR6989.

  • • Showcases the ease of programming the ESI interface using FlowESI GUI• Showcases the ease of power optimization of flow meter application code using Energy Trace Technology• Platform support ultra-low power design using TI's proprietary Extended Scan Interface (ESI)• RF socket available to enable Low Power RF extension (Sub 1GHz or 2.4GHz ZigBee)• This TI design is tested and includes firmware: GUI: and Getting Started guide
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