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Ethernet Bootloader for Microcontroller


This design describes how to use Ethernet module to transfer the firmware image and program it into flash on Hercules MCU. The Ethernet bootloader is based on TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) which is a file transfer protocol notable for its simplicity. And it is a small piece of code that can be programmed at the beginning of the flash to act as an application loader as well as an update mechanism for applications running on a Hercules microcontroller.

  • Remote firmware upgradesLow memory costFast upgrade
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TMS570LS2124 TMS570LS2124 Buy Datasheet
TMS570LS2125 TMS570LS2125 Buy Datasheet
TMS570LS2134 TMS570LS2134 Buy Datasheet
TMS570LS2135 TMS570LS2135 Buy Datasheet
TMS570LS3134 TMS570LS3134 Buy Datasheet
TMS570LS3135 TMS570LS3135 Buy Datasheet
TMS570LS3137 TMS570LS3137 Buy Datasheet
TUSB1105 TUSB1105 Buy Datasheet

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