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64-Button Capacitive Touch Panel With TI Microcontroller With CapTIvate Technology Reference Design


TIDM-CAPTIVATE-64-BUTTON is a TI Designs Reference Design for an ultra-low-power touch panel with 64-buttons that can be controlled by a single MSP microcontroller (MCU) with CapTIvate™ technology. The design uses mutual capacitance technology to enable all 64-buttons to be tightly packed and controlled with only 16 MCU pins. The touch panel is designed to easily interface with the CAPTIVATE-FR2633 MCU target module included in the MSP-CAPT-FR2633 MCU Development Kit.

  • Single touch and multitouch detectionMutual capacitance technology enables 64-buttons with only 16 microcontroller pinsMore than 100 samples-per-second and 15-ms typical response time with code size/response time optimization1.75-µA-per-button average current with low-power optimization and 0.23-µA-per-button average current with wake-on-touch modeEasy plug-and-play pith CAPTIVATE-FR2633 target MCU module CapTIvate Design Center supports real-time sensor tuning with a host PC
  • In vitro diagnostics
  • CPAP machine
  • Industrial monitor
  • Calling button operating panel
  • Telehealth systems
  • Intrusion HMI panel
  • Multiparameter patient monitor
  • Portable monitor
  • HVAC gateway
  • Anesthesia delivery systems
  • Electronic smart lock
  • Ventilators
  • Sleep diagnostics
  • Blood glucose monitor
  • Fitness machine
  • Wearable fitness & activity monitor
  • Lab & field Instrumentation
  • Intrusion control panel
  • Panel PLC
  • Electronic hospital bed & bed control
  • Key panel
  • Remote power distribution automation
  • Railway information systems
  • Remote annunciator
  • Power analyzer
  • DC power supply
  • AC source
  • electronic load
  • Building security gateway
  • Mother & neonatal care monitor
  • Surgical equipment
  • Electric toothbrush
Product Categories
  • MSP430 ultra-low-power MCUs

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