TIDM-3PHMTR-TAMP-ESD Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Three-Phase Metrology With Enhanced ESD Protection and Tamper Detection Reference Design


This design implements an ANSI/IEC Class 0.2 three-phase energy meter with enhanced ESD protection. The design also features tamper detection to limit the feasibility of energy theft and communications through ZigBee™ connectivity.  The e-meter SoC is used to perform all metrology functions and sends active power results to the CC2530EM add-on board. Developers can use the companion In Home Display TI Design (TIDM-LOWEND-IHD) to display results remotely.This reference design uses the MSP430F67791A. This reference design can also be used with the MSP430F67791:MSP430F6779 and MSP430F6779A.

  • • Three-Phase meter with tamper detection which exceeds Class 0.2 accuracy requirements from ANSI and IEC• Passed IEC 61000-4-2 level-4  air discharge tests(see design guide for details)• TI Energy Library firmware calculates all energy measurement parameters including active and reactive power and energy: RMS current and voltage: power factor: and line frequency. • Support for ZigBee ® Communication to In Home Display or connections to Wi-Fi®: Wireless M-Bus: and IEEE-802.15.4g add-on communications modules. • Automated or manual switching between main and auxiliary power sources for metrology engine.
  • Electricity meter
  • Power quality analyzer
  • Power quality meter
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Part Number Name Companion Part
CC2530 CC2530 Buy Datasheet
MSP430F6779 MSP430F6779 Buy Datasheet
MSP430F67791 MSP430F67791 Buy Datasheet
TPS54060 TPS54060 Buy Datasheet


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