TIDM-1020 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

SimpleLink™ Wireless MCU-Based Thermostat Reference Design


Creating a low-power, connected MCU-based smart thermostat that links a variety of sensors securely to the cloud that enables remote monitoring and control is the goal of most smart thermostat designers. The TIDM-1020 provides software reference for the implementation of a smart thermostat, using the CC3220 as the primary microcontroller with Wi-Fi® connectivity. The design is a reference design for thermostat end equipment developers, engineers, and system evaluators. The design provides the reference code to demonstrate integration of the CC3220SF into a variety of analog and digital sensors, cloud connectivity services, HMI (Human Machine Interface), PIR (passive Infrared sensor), and external relay controls. The reference design is also aimed at showcasing the low-power connection to the internet/cloud, remote control and programming, remote monitoring of the data, and secure Over-The-Air (OTA) update of the device and application firmware.

  • HMI through Resistive Touchscreen
  • Cloud Connectivity for Remote Control and Sensor Data
  • Secure Over-The-Air Update
  • Provisioning (Access Point mode and SmartConfig™)
  • Low Power Capabilities
  • Configurable Sensor Update Rate
  • Thermostat
  • HVAC System Controller
Product Categories
  • SimpleLink Solutions


Part Number Name Companion Part
CC3220RM2ARGKR CC3220RM2ARGKR Buy Datasheet
CC3220RM2ARGKT CC3220RM2ARGKT Buy Datasheet
CC3220SF12ARGKR CC3220SF12ARGKR Buy Datasheet
CC3220SF12ARGKT CC3220SF12ARGKT Buy Datasheet
CC3220SM2ARGKR CC3220SM2ARGKR Buy Datasheet
CC3220SM2ARGKT CC3220SM2ARGKT Buy Datasheet

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