TIDEP0023 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

G3 Power Line Communications Data Concentrator on BeagleBone Black Platform


This Power Line Communications (PLC) Data Concentrator design offers a simplified approach for evaluating G3-PLC utilizing Beagle Bone Black powered by the Sitara AM335x processor.  Users can establish a G3-PLC network with one service node.  Single phase coupling is supported.

  • Simplified, cost effective solution for evaluating G3-PLC utilizing BeagleBone Black (BEAGLEBK) and TI's PLC Modem Kit TMDSPLCKITV4-CEN kit).
  • Forms a small end-to-end G3-PLC network utilizing two modems from TMDSPLCKITV4-CEN kit.  One for Data Concentrator PHY and one for Service Node.
  • Demonstrates single phase coupling
  • Complete system demonstration with Design Guide and step-by-step setup instructions.
  • The system is based on kits available from TI's eStore or distributors that include Linux applications, middleware, drivers, HW schematics, bill of materials, and design files.


Part Number Name Companion Part
AFE031 AFE031 Buy Datasheet
AM3352 AM3352 Buy Datasheet
AM3354 AM3354 Buy Datasheet
AM3356 AM3356 Buy Datasheet
AM3357 AM3357 Buy Datasheet
AM3358 AM3358 Buy Datasheet
AM3359 AM3359 Buy Datasheet
SN74LVC1G06 SN74LVC1G06 Buy Datasheet
SN74LVC1G57 SN74LVC1G57 Buy Datasheet
SN74LVC1G74 SN74LVC1G74 Buy Datasheet
SN74LVC2G07 SN74LVC2G07 Buy Datasheet
SN74LVC2G241 SN74LVC2G241 Buy Datasheet
TL5209 TL5209 Buy Datasheet
TMS320F28069 TMS320F28069 Buy Datasheet
TPD4S012 TPD4S012 Buy Datasheet
TPS2051 TPS2051 Buy Datasheet

Bill Of Materials

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