TIDEP0003 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Ethernet/IP Communications Dev Platform


Targeted for Ethernet/IP slave communications: this development platform allows designers to mplement Ethernet/IP communications standards in a broad range of industrial automation equipment. It enables low foot print designs in applications such as industrial automation: factory automation or industrial communication with minimal external components and with best in class low power performance. This TI Design was done on the TMDSICE3359: but can also be done on the TMDXICE110.

  • Arm Cortex-A8 processor-based design enables 30% system BOM savings by eliminating external ASIC/FPGAAccess to other peripherals and interfaces for a scalable HMI: PLC and I/O solutionFree board support package and industrial software development kit from TISupport other industrial communications with the same hardware (e.g.: EtherCAT: PROFIBUS: PROFINET and more)Production Ready development platform sub-system which includes schematics: BOM: user guides: application notes: white paper: software: demos and more 
  • Machine vision camera
  • Analog output module
  • Digital input module
  • Barcode reader
  • Digital output module
  • CPU (PLC Controller)
  • Communication module
  • Telemetry & RTUs
  • Automated sorting equipment
  • DIN rail power supply
  • Mixed module (AI
  • AO
  • DI
  • DO)
  • Special function module
  • Weight module
  • Servo drive control module
  • AC drive control module
  • Seeker front end
  • Global positioning system receiver
  • AC drive communication module
  • Optical inspection
  • Radar
  • Trackside signaling & control systems
  • Vision computer
  • Industrial robot I/O module
  • Servo drive communication module
  • PLC circuit breakers
  • Stand-alone remote IO
  • Condition monitoring module
  • Condition monitoring gateway
  • Vision sensors
Product Categories
  • Sitara processors


Part Number Name Companion Part
AM3352 AM3352 Buy Datasheet
AM3354 AM3354 Buy Datasheet
AM3356 AM3356 Buy Datasheet
AM3357 AM3357 Buy Datasheet
AM3358 AM3358 Buy Datasheet
AM3359 AM3359 Buy Datasheet
ISO1050 ISO1050 Buy Datasheet
ISO1176T ISO1176T Buy Datasheet
SN65HVS882 SN65HVS882 Buy Datasheet
SN74LVC1G08 SN74LVC1G08 Buy Datasheet
TLK110 TLK110 Buy Datasheet
TPIC2810 TPIC2810 Buy Datasheet
TPS5420 TPS5420 Buy Datasheet
TPS61041 TPS61041 Buy Datasheet
TPS65910 TPS65910 Buy Datasheet

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