TIDEP-01018 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Automated doors reference design using TI mmWave sensors


This reference design demonstrates the use of the TI IWR6843ISK: a single-chip mmWave radar sensor with integrated DSP for an automated smart-door application. This reference design uses the IWR6843ISK plus industrial carrier board (ICB) and integrates a complete radar-processing chain onto the IWR6843 device. This solution is designed to track a person's position and velocity in order to simulate the opening of a door when they are approaching.

  • Demonstration hardware and software using IWR6843 mmWave radar sensor for entrance systemsmmWave technology provides range: velocity: and angle information – ideal for environmental effectsTracking algorithm serves to ensure door should only open when a person is directly approachingAzimuth field of view (FoV): 120 degrees across distance of 5 mExamples of implementation of static clutter and group tracking algorithms
  • Automated door & gate
  • Door proximity sensor
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