TIDEP-01008 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Multi-sensor platform reference design on Jacinto™ ADAS processors


The multi-sensor platform reference design for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) from D3 Engineering provides qualified developers with a fully functioning evaluation platform for testing and development of ADAS applications, for use primarily in the automotive industry.  D3 also offers System On a Module (SOM) solutions, consisting of ADAS embedded processors (e.g. TDA3x) that work with this reference design.

  • Provides an easy-to-use reference design of a base platform that supports multiple automotive LVDS-based sensor systems
  • Provides a platform to plug-n-play with TDA3-based CPU module (D3 Engineering SOM)
  • Provides a path to an automotive-grade baseboard for potential use with other processor SOMs
  • ADAS domain controller
  • Front sensor fusion
  • Ultra short range radar
  • Driver vital sign monitoring
Product Categories
  • Automotive processors


Part Number Name Companion Part
DP83867CRRGZT DP83867CRRGZT Buy Datasheet
HVDA551QDRQ1 HVDA551QDRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TCA9539RGER TCA9539RGER Buy Datasheet
TFP410PAP TFP410PAP Buy Datasheet
TPD12S520DBT TPD12S520DBT Datasheet
TPD12S521DBTRG4 TPD12S521DBTRG4 Buy Datasheet
TPD2E001DZDR TPD2E001DZDR Buy Datasheet
TPS22965NDSGR TPS22965NDSGR Buy Datasheet
TPS54341DP TPS54341DP Datasheet
TPS61240YFFR TPS61240YFFR Buy Datasheet
TPS62090RGTT TPS62090RGTT Buy Datasheet
TPS62170DSGR TPS62170DSGR Buy Datasheet

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Other Documents

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Multi-Sensor Platform Reference Design for Jacinto™ ADAS Processors 20 Dec 2018 PDF 5762
TIDEP-01008 Gerber 20 Dec 2018 ZIP 9248
TIDEP-01008 CAD Files 20 Dec 2018 ZIP 19327
TIDEP-01008 Layer Plots 20 Dec 2018 ZIP 2151
TIDEP-01008 Assembly Files 20 Dec 2018 ZIP 2027
TIDEP-01008 BOM 20 Dec 2018 PDF 254
TIDEP-01008 Schematic Files 20 Dec 2018 ZIP 1263