TIDEP-01006 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Autonomous robot reference design using ROS on Sitara™ MPU & antenna-on-package mmWave sensors


This reference design showcases autonomous robotics with the Processor SDK Linux running on the Sitara AM57x processor: and the mmWave SDK running on the IWR6843 EVM. This design demonstrates the functionality of an embedded robotic system where point-cloud data from the mmWave radar sensing is processed by the Sitara AM57x processor which runs Robot Operating System (ROS) and is the main processor for the overall system control. This design integrates enhanced processor SoCs: sensors: and builds embedded robotic systems upon widely adopted open source software components. It provides a great entry point to evaluate full autonomous robotics with Sitara processing and mmWave sensing: and enables rapid development of robotics applications by leveraging TI’s hardware and software components.

  • This referece design demonstrates Robot Operating System (ROS) running on the AM572xSeamless integration of the mmWave sensor with the AM57x and communicating using ROSObstacle sense and avoid capability using the mmWave sensor for incident management
  • Industrial robot CPU board
  • Vacuum robot
  • Industrial robot sensing module
  • Mobile robot CPU board
  • Mobile robot sensing module
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