TIDC-ZNP-HOST-SW3 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Portable ZigBee Plug-In Software Framework for any OS


A portable host software framework that allows ZigBee to be “bolted on” to existing products in the market: quickly enabling Internet of Things (IoT) system applications. This design can be used with any microcontrollers or processors: offering flexibility in the solution. This software framework design allows easy integration of applications on any operating system. Combined with the richness of intuitive application examples and a complete and simple API set: it allows easy integration as well as fast prototyping and product development.

  • Portability across hardware platformsHigh Level OS/Real Time OS port and OS POSIX standard complianceIntuitive sample codes and examples from command line
Product Categories
  • SimpleLink Solutions


Part Number Name Companion Part
CC2538 CC2538 Buy Datasheet
TM4C129DNCPDT TM4C129DNCPDT Buy Datasheet
TM4C129DNCZAD TM4C129DNCZAD Buy Datasheet
TM4C129ENCPDT TM4C129ENCPDT Buy Datasheet
TM4C129ENCZAD TM4C129ENCZAD Buy Datasheet
TM4C129XNCZAD TM4C129XNCZAD Buy Datasheet

Bill Of Materials

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