TIDC-CC3200MODLAUNCHXL Reference Design

Texas Instruments

SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3200 Module LaunchPad


The CC3200MODLAUNCHXL is a low-cost evaluation platform which hosts the CC3200MOD. The SimpleLink™ CC3200MOD is a wireless microcontroller (MCU) module that integrates an ARM® Cortex™-M4 based MCU: allowing customers to develop an entire application using a single device. The module LaunchPad also features programmable user buttons: RGB LED for custom applications: temperature and accelerometer sensors: as well as onboard emulation for debugging. The LaunchPad stackable headers interface demonstrates how to expand the functionality of the CC3200MOD when interfacing with other peripherals on existing BoosterPack add-on boards: such as graphical displays: audio codec: antenna selection: environmental sensing: and more.

  • FCC: IC: CE: and Wi-Fi® CERTIFIED™ module: with ability to request certificate transfer for Wi-Fi Alliance membersCC3200MOD: SimpleLink Wi-Fi: internet-on-a-chip™ module solution with integrated MCU40-pin LaunchPad standard that leverages the BoosterPack ecosystemOn-board accelerometer and temperature sensor for out-of-box demoMicro USB connector for power and debug connectionsOn-board chip antenna with U.FL for conducted testingCan be powered externally: with 2xAA or 2xAAA alkaline batteriesEnables the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • String inverter
  • Professional audio mixer/control surface
  • Intrusion HMI keypad
  • Video doorbell
  • Micro inverter
  • HVAC gateway
  • HVAC large commercial system controller
  • Gas detector
  • Door keypad & reader
  • Intrusion control panel
  • Water leak detector
  • AC charging (pile) station
  • Central inverter
  • DC charging (pile) station
  • Energy storage power conversion system (PCS)
  • Smart combiner box
  • Occupancy detection (people tracking
  • people counting)
  • Building security gateway
  • Piano
  • keyboard & synthesizer
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • EV charging station HMI module
  • Smart trackers
  • Condition monitoring gateway
  • Digital stethoscope
Product Categories
  • SimpleLink Solutions

End Equipment Reference Diagrams

Application Area End Equipment
String inverter http://www.ti.com/solution/solar_power_inverters#referencedesigns
Digital stethoscope http://www.ti.com/solution/digital_stethoscope#referencedesigns
Gas detector http://www.ti.com/solution/chemical-gas-detection#referencedesigns
Smart trackers http://www.ti.com/solution/smart_id_tags_trackers#referencedesigns
Door keypad & reader http://www.ti.com/solution/access_keypads_biometrics#referencedesigns
AC charging (pile) station http://www.ti.com/solution/renewables_ev_charging#referencedesigns
Energy storage power conversion system (PCS) http://www.ti.com/solution/energy-storage-power-conversion-system#referencedesigns
DC charging (pile) station http://www.ti.com/solution/ev_infrastructure_level_3_evse#referencedesigns
Thermal imaging camera http://www.ti.com/solution/thermal_imaging_camera#referencedesigns
Building security gateway http://www.ti.com/solution/building_security_gateway#referencedesigns
Smart combiner box http://www.ti.com/solution/solar_energy_smart_combiner_box#referencedesigns
Micro inverter http://www.ti.com/solution/solar-micro-inverter-diagram#referencedesigns
Professional audio mixer/control surface http://www.ti.com/solution/pro_audio_mixer#referencedesigns
EV charging station HMI module http://www.ti.com/solution/ev_charging_station_hmi_module#referencedesigns
Condition monitoring gateway http://www.ti.com/solution/condition_monitoring_gateway#referencedesigns
Central inverter http://www.ti.com/solution/central-inverter#referencedesigns
HVAC large commercial system controller http://www.ti.com/solution/zone-controllers#referencedesigns
Intrusion HMI keypad http://www.ti.com/solution/in_home_display#referencedesigns
HVAC gateway http://www.ti.com/solution/iot_gateway#referencedesigns
Occupancy detection (people tracking http://www.ti.com/solution/occupancy-detection-people-tracking-people-counting#referencedesigns
people counting) http://www.ti.com/solution/piano_keyboard_synthesizer#referencedesigns
Piano http://www.ti.com/solution/intrusion_panel#referencedesigns
keyboard & synthesizer http://www.ti.com/solution/water_detection#referencedesigns


Part Number Name Companion Part
SN74LVC1T45 SN74LVC1T45 Buy Datasheet
TMP006 TMP006 Buy Datasheet

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