TIDA-080007 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

DLP® auto headlight reference design


This reference design details the design of a control board for the DLP5531-Q1 DMD. The DLP5531-Q1 DMD is a spatial light modulator with over 1.3 million pixels that can steer light to create digitally controlled illumination distributions. The design shows a simplified power architecture with a reduced component count to save space and reduce cost. When combined with optics: an input video sources: and a computer or other means of control: this design can be use to demonstrate Adaptive Driving Beams: Glare-Free Beam Steering: Reflective Traffic Sign Dimming: Pedestrian Dimming: Symbol Projection: and OEM Branding.

  • OpenLDI video inputBrownout detection with safe DMD parkingSpread spectrum to support automotive EMI requirementsLED enable signals to synchronize LED illumination with the DMD
  • Headlight
Product Categories
  • Automotive chipsets