TIDA-080005 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Full high-resolution DLP® sub-system reference design for high-speed desktop 3D printing


This high resolution: high speed 3D printing Reference Design enables faster development of professional 3D printing applications using DLP ®Pico™ technology. This design uses a stereolithography (SLA) technique: where a photo-resin is exposed to successive 2- dimensional patterns to create a 3-dimensional object one layer at a time. This design uses the DLP Pico 0.47 1080p DMD (DLP4710) with the new display and light controller DLPC3479. The DLP4710 DMD offers an excellent balance between resolution: size: and cost: targeting small form-factor desktop 3D printers and enabling a wide variety of 3D printing use cases across consumer: professional: and industrial applications. It includes electronics and optics along with software to generate pattern sets for the 3D printing process. The design also includes the DLPA3005 PMIC and LED driver.

  • DLP4710: DLP .47 1080p DMD DLPC3479: Digital Controller for the DLP4710 DMD DLPA3005: PMIC/LED Driver for the DLP4710 DMD and DLPC3479 controllerProduction ready RGB LED optical engine from Young OpticsDLP4710: DLPC3479 Configuration and Support Firmware
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