TIDA-060024 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Ultrasonic proximity-sensing module (PSM) reference design


This reference design is a small-form factor solution showcasing double-sided PCB spacing and minimum supporting component requirements for the PGA460 ultrasonic sensor signal conditioner. This module operates in a mono-static mode for single sensor transmit and receive operation to enable object detection through air at a range of 0.3 to 5m. Regardless of ambient temperature: humidity: and target color/transparency: object detection remains unaffected; however: maximum range can be hindered by very small or soft targets. The PGA460 operates exclusively as a slave device: and requires a separate master controller. TI recommends using the MSPEXP430F5529LP as an example master controller to repurpose the existing PGA460Q1EVM GUI and example source code.

  • Integrated driver and receiver solution for ultrasonic sensingCompatible with ultrasonic transducers operating at a center frequency between 30-80kHz and 180-480kHzAble to generate maximum sound pressure level using a transformer driverAccess to all communication interfaces offered by the PGA460-Q1: including: USART (UART and SPI): TCI: and One-Wire UARTRecord time for object detection up to 11-m in air
  • Ultrasonic park assist sensor
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