TIDA-060021 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Cascaded high-gain active low-pass filter reference design for high-impedance applications


This design uses an OPA2810 high-speed amplifier to provide two multiple feedback (MFB) low-pass filter boards with 1 MHz cutoff frequencies. The fourth-order board: provides a fourth-order filter with high gain and steep roll-off. The high-impedance board (High-Z): is a second-order filter meant for systems with a large output impedance in the previous stage. Both boards in this reference design offer engineers a high-gain: wide supply range filter with a focus on minimizing noise and distortion.

  • Cascaded low-pass filter to achieve a gain up to 40 dB and a cutoff frequency of 1 MHzMultiple feedback topology for fourth-order and second-order designsCompact two-stage design for high gain second or fourth-order filtersMinimal overshoot and ringing resulting from high stabilityLow-distortion and low-noise designUses the JFET-input OPA2810 for low input noise: high common mode rejection ratio (CMRR): and fast slew rateSupports wide supply voltage range and high output voltage designs
  • Oscilloscopes & digitizers
Product Categories
  • Amplifiers

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