TIDA-060014 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

96-Channel Bidirectional Digital Input Module Reference Design for PLC


This reference design is a compact implementation of 96 isolated digital input channels using the ISO1212: an isolated digital input receiver. This design shows the current limit feature of the ISO1212 device which has better thermal performance than traditional optocoupler solutions. This design makes a digital input board with multiple channels more compact and decreases board temperature (less than 50 °C). A MUX and decoder with the ISO1212 device decreases the number of pins of the microcontroller from 96 to 8. The design was tested with 100-kHz input signals (200- kbit) per channel. The design uses less than 7.3 W of input power which results in less heat dissipation. All signals are designed to withstand ESD: EFT: and surge events according to IEC6100-4.

  • 96-channel bidirectional digital input moduleVoltage Inputs: 24-VDC Range: Limited to 3.1 mA Per ChannelCompact and Low Temperature Rise (Serial Output OptionTested to 0.5 kV: 42 Ω IEC 61000-4-5 surge test for industrial signal lines
  • Off-highway vehicles control systems
  • Circuit breaker (ACB
  • MCCB
  • VCB)
  • Binary input module
  • Circuit breaker
  • Telecom monitor unit
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