TIDA-050020 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

PMBus™ voltage regulator reference design for Xilinx® Virtex Ultrascale+™ FPGAs


This reference design uses the TPS53681 multiphase controller and CSD95490Q5MC smart power stages to implement a high-performance design suitable for powering the 0.85-V: 200-A: VCCINT rail of a Xilinx™ Ultrascale+™ FPGA. The secondary output of the controller can then be used to power an auxilliary rail of the FPGA. The smart power stages and integrated PMBus™ allow for easy output voltage setting and telemetry of key design parameters.The design enables configuration: VID adjustment: and compensation adjustment of the power supply: while providing monitoring of input and output voltage: current: power: and temperature. TI's Fusion Digital Power™ Designer is used for programming: monitoring: validation: and characterization of the system.

  • 6+0 design—targeting main FPGA core railD-CAP+ modulator for superior current-sharing capabilities and transient responsePMBus compatibility for output voltage setting and telemetry for VIN: VOUT: IOUT: and temperatureDual rail temperature monitoring for independent tracking of thermal performanceFull compensation tuning through PMBusPeak efficiency of 92% for the VCCINT rail at the nominal 0.85 V output voltage
  • Small cell base station
  • Data acquisition (DAQ)
Product Categories
  • Power management

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