TIDA-03042 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Tiny I2C-Controlled Single-Cell Charger Reference Design for Wearable Applications


The TIDA-03042 TI Design is a single-cell charger reference design for wearable applications which have a very limited design space. TIDA-03042 works with a host controller through I2C control, supports 5-V, 9-V, or 12-V input adaptors and can charge up to 1.5 A. The actual charger design only requires a space of 1.7 cm², allowing for high charging efficiency while minimizing the total count of components and board size.

  • Up to 1.5A single-cell charger
  • Charge efficiency of 92% at 0.5A and 1.5A
  • Low-power PFM mode for light load operations
  • High-input voltage operation range from 3.9V to 14V
  • Smart Watch
Product Categories
  • Power Management


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BQ25898YFFR BQ25898YFFR Buy Datasheet

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TIDA-03042 Gerber 29 Mar 2017 ZIP 149
TIDA-03042 CAD Files 29 Mar 2017 ZIP 1986
TIDA-03042 PCB 29 Mar 2017 PDF 129
TIDA-03042 Assembly Drawing 29 Mar 2017 PDF 53
TIDA-03042 BOM 29 Mar 2017 PDF 32
TIDA-03042 Schematic and Block Diagram 29 Mar 2017 PDF 241