TIDA-020030 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

SiC/IGBT isolated gate driver reference design with thermal diode and sensing FET


This reference design is an IGBT or SiC isolated gate driver power stage driving a IGBT module with advanced protection features. The design consists of a single phase power stage from a traction inverter supporting high level of safety features. The IGBT module has integrated thermal diode for temperature monitoring and sensing FET for over current protection: providing fast and accurate protections. It includes the bias supplies and its output voltage monitoring: isolated DC bus sensing in redundant circuits: temp sensing for high side and low side drivers: PWM gate signal monitoring: fault signal injection diagnostics. The supply accepts a wide input range of 4.5V to 65V DC: and delivers up to 180mA output current. The isolated gate driver has up to ±10A drive strength and also includes an analog to PWM converter: which is utilized for temperature and voltage sensing.

  • Single-phase power stage design for HEV/EV traction inverter applicationsIncludes a 700-V: 450-A: double-side-cooled IGBT module with integrated thermal diode for temperature monitoring and sensing FET for overcurrent protectionMultiple redundant circuits: supply voltage monitoring and PWM output monitoring for increased level of system safetyIsolated gate driver on board with a ±10-A drive strength: fast overcurrent and short-circuit protection and analog-to-PWM sensorFault signal injection for function validation
  • Inverter & motor control
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