TIDA-020010 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Automotive HVAC control reference design with HMI


This reference design offers a cost-effective solution for a heating: ventilation: and air conditioning (HVAC) human-machine interface (HMI) application. This reference design incorporates a synchronous step-down converter: multiple channel half-bridge motor driver for brushed DC motors (BDC): multiple channel light-emitting diode (LED) driver: which sets LED light intensity according to the ambient light intensity: that is measured by the ambient light sensor: The high-side switch on this reference design drives various  loads: multiple hall-sensors are used for contactless measurement of the rotary knobs: tracking voltage regulator supplies off board sensors and multiplexer is used to multiplex multiple analog sensor outputs to the microcontrollers analog to digital converter (ADC).

  • Withstands reverse battery protectionDrives up to 6 BDC motorsAutomatic LED dimming based on ambient light intensityContactless rotation detection for the rotary knobsFully protected high-side power switch with accurate current sense
Product Categories
  • Motor drivers