TIDA-020002 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Automotive 2-MP camera module reference design with MIPI CSI-2 video interface: FPD-Link III and POC


This camera module reference design addresses the need for small cameras in automotive systems by combining a 2-megapixel imager with a 4-Gbps serializer. Additionally: it provides power supplies and voltage supervision for both devices in an ultra-small form factor. This design includes a high-speed serial interface to connect a remote automotive camera module to a display or machine vision processing system with a coaxial cable transmitting both data and power. The 4-Gbps FPD-Link III SerDes technology used in this reference design enables the transmission of uncompressed 2 -MP video data: bidirectional control signals: and power over coax (POC) using a single cable.

  • Space optimized design with discrete power supply that fits on a single PCB 20x20 mmPower supply optimized for high efficiency and low noise2Mpixel IMX390 image sensor from SonyProvides RAW video data over MIPI CSI-2 interfaceIncludes precision voltage monitoring on all railsEnables high resolution camera applications using 4Gbps DS90UB953Single Rosenberger Fakra coax connector for digital video: power: control and diagnosticsIncludes design considerations and BOM analysisExternal frame sync capability
  • Rear camera
  • Mirror replacement/camera mirror system
  • Camera module without processing
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