TIDA-01597 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Automotive Ultrasonic Sensing Module Reference Design for Park Assist


This reference design provides hardware architecture for a Park Assist System (PAS) using three highly integrated: system-on-chip (SoC) ultrasonic transducer drivers. These ultrasonic transducer drivers have an integrated signal conditioner with an advanced digital signal processor (DSP) core. Using these integrated features: object detection from 25cm to 2.5m is achieved. The distance data is sent over a one-wire interface (OWI) to a local electronics control unit (ECU) where the data can be aggregated and processed. The sensor initialization: object detection algorithm: and software described in this design guide provide a basic framework to help engineers working on PAS for automotive or collision avoidance.

  • Combines three PGA460-Q1 devices to detect objects from 25cm to 2.5mProvides system diagnostic informationCircuitry for level USART and TCI interface option included22mm diameter solution size
  • Ultrasonic park assist sensor
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  • Sensors

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