TIDA-01596 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Smart Thermostat Localized Heat Compensation for Ambient Temperature Sensing Reference Design


Localized thermostat heat generation is a leading cause for incorrect ambient temperature sensing near the return air plenum. This ultimately leads to overshoot in the HVAC cycle, resulting in costly energy bills. This reference design addresses this common problem associated with thermostat design. Through the use of a low-cost analog temperature sensor network located on the PCB, the internal thermostat temperature gradient can be found and effectively compensated for in order to acquire the true ambient temperature value.

  • Current and power monitoring of main power supply
  • 20Ω power resistor used for local heat generation
  • Two temperature sensor sets for determining the temperature gradient across the board
  • Low cost SAR ADC used for temperature conversion
  • Uses CC3220 Launchpad for data processing on real thermostat platforms
Product Categories
  • Data Converters


Part Number Name Companion Part
ADS7142IRUGT ADS7142IRUGT Buy Datasheet
INA230 INA230 Buy Datasheet
LMT84 LMT84 Buy Datasheet
TMP235A4DCKT TMP235A4DCKT Buy Datasheet

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TIDA-01596 Gerber 02 Feb 2018 ZIP 1379
TIDA-01596 CAD Files 02 Feb 2018 ZIP 24227
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