TIDA-01589 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

High fidelity: near-field two-way audio reference design with noise reduction and echo cancellation


Man machine interaction requires an acoustic interface for providing full duplex hands-free communication. In hands-free mode, part of the far-end or near-end audio signal from the speaker is coupled to the microphones. Furthermore, in noisy environments the microphones also capture ambient noise in addition to the useful near-end audio signal. The captured multi-microphone audio signals are corrupted by acoustic background noise as well as by echoic signals that significantly degrade the intelligibility of the desired signal, and restrict the performance of subsequent audio processing systems. This reference design demonstrates dual microphones for audio input via stereo ADC, low-power DSP performing noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation, and other audio quality enhancement algorithms. This design also features TI’s Smart Amp technology for high-quality and high-SPL audio output from a micro-speaker.

  • Two-way audio modular platform supporting analog or digital microphone for audio capture and playback on micro-speaker using TI Smart Amp technology
  • TLV320ADC3101 Stereo ADC with 92-dBA SNR, 0.003% THD integrated PGA , AGC, and mini-DSP for implementing decimation filtering
  • Powerful TMS320C5517 DSP for implementing various audio processing algorithms like: Adaptive Spectral Noise Reduction (ASNR) and Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) handling echo tails up-to 128ms
  • Smart Amp TAS2557 with integrated ultra-lownoise audio DAC, class-D power amplifier and built-in speaker sensing/protection to deliver high SPL using micro-speaker
  • Attaches to AM335x-based BeagleBone™ Black Wireless to support optional Cloud connectivity
  • Analog security camera
  • Video doorbell
  • Defense radio
  • Smart watch
  • Non-military land mobile radio
  • Audio/video control system
  • Railway information systems
  • Building security gateway
  • Professional speaker systems
  • Professional video camera
  • RF smart remote control
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  • Audio


Part Number Name Companion Part
CSD23280F3 CSD23280F3 Buy Datasheet
SN74LVC1G126DRYR SN74LVC1G126DRYR Buy Datasheet
TAS2557YZT TAS2557YZT Buy Datasheet
TLV320ADC3101IRGER TLV320ADC3101IRGER Buy Datasheet
TMS320C5517AZCHA20 TMS320C5517AZCHA20 Buy Datasheet
TPD1E10B06DPYT TPD1E10B06DPYT Buy Datasheet
TPD6F003DQDR TPD6F003DQDR Buy Datasheet
TPS22912CYZVR TPS22912CYZVR Buy Datasheet
TPS22915CYFPT TPS22915CYFPT Buy Datasheet
TPS3850H33DRCR TPS3850H33DRCR Buy Datasheet
TPS386000RGPT TPS386000RGPT Buy Datasheet
TPS65023RSBT TPS65023RSBT Buy Datasheet

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High Fidelity, Near-Field Two-Way Audio Reference With Noise Reduction and Echo 25 Oct 2018 PDF 7967
TIDA-01589 Gerber 24 Oct 2018 ZIP 1589
TIDA-01589 CAD Files 24 Oct 2018 ZIP 3682
TIDA-01589 Layer Plots 24 Oct 2018 ZIP 1926
TIDA-01589 Assembly Files 24 Oct 2018 ZIP 428
TIDA-01589 BOM Files 24 Oct 2018 ZIP 285
TIDA-01589 Schematic Files 24 Oct 2018 ZIP 893