TIDA-01583 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Ultra-Low Noise Bias Voltage Reference Design for Microbolometer Detectors in Thermal Cameras


Uncooled microbolometer detectors require accurate and ultra-low noise bias voltages for their operation. Such requirements cannot be simply met by switching power supplies: LDO or DAC outputs. Enabled by Texas Instruments’ precision DAC: low noise precision amplifier and high PSRR: low noise LDO: this reference design demonstrates how to generate accurate and ultra-low noise programmable bias voltages and power supplies for uncooled microbolometer detectors at low cost.

  • Total output noise < 4µVRMS from 0.1Hz to 1MHz
  • Voltage accuracy better than ±10mV
  • Based on a true 16-bit, R-2R DAC with buffered rail-to-rail voltage output
  • No. of output: four programmable voltage outputs
  • Easily scalable in terms of DAC resolution, voltage range, number of channels
  • Output current capability: 10mA (without BJT) and 75mA (with external BJT)
  • Instrumentation (Lab, Analytical, Field)
  • AC/DC Power Meter and Analyzers
  • AC Sources, DC Power Supplies & Electronic Loads
  • Memory and Semiconductor Test Equipment
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
Product Categories
  • Data Converters


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Other Documents

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TIDA-01583 PCB 26 Feb 2018 PDF 863
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