TIDA-01575 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Reference Design for Wireless Condition Monitor for Motors and Pumps using Multi-Axis Vibration


This reference design provides a non-invasive and non-disruptive method to monitor and assess motor health and includes both the analog front end (AFE) as well as the embedded application. The embedded application software configures the internal analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to sample the data as well as perform frequency analysis of the data. Additionally, the SimpleLink™ Software Development Kit (SDK) is used in this embedded application to enable both wired and wireless connectivity (Bluetooth® low energy). With the SimpleLink SDK, the user can easily migrate the design to Wi-Fi® and Sub-1G connectivity. This solution of AFE, embedded processing, and wireless connectivity addresses the costly challenge of motor maintenance and is a foundation to implement predictive maintenance systems. By predicting the life of a motor, an operator can optimize maintenance schedules of often costly and large motors and pumps while improving the operational lifetime of the production lines using these motors.

  • Single solution provides vibration measurement in three axes with MEMS analog accelerometer
  • Most precise integrated ADCs capable of capturing vibration with resolution of 0.01g
  • Simple software migration between wired serial, wi-fi, bluetooth 5, Sub 1 GHz with SimpleLink platform and with pre-certified RF modules
  • Extended multiyear battery life with lowest power integrated ADC and efficient scalable FFT processing
  • Edge processing to reduce system power and lower network bandwidth
  • Modular BoosterPack™ plug-in module design for easy integration and development with LaunchPad™ development kit ecosystem for prototyping
  • Infusion Pumps
  • Motor Diagnostics & Monitoring
  • Off-Highway Vehicles Control Systems
Product Categories
  • Microcontrollers (MCU)


Part Number Name Companion Part
LMP7702 LMP7702 Buy Datasheet
MSP432P401MIZXHR MSP432P401MIZXHR Buy Datasheet
MSP432P401RIRGCR MSP432P401RIRGCR Buy Datasheet
MSP432P401VIRGCT MSP432P401VIRGCT Buy Datasheet
MSP432P401YIRGCT MSP432P401YIRGCT Buy Datasheet
MSP432P4111IPZ MSP432P4111IPZ Buy Datasheet
MSP432P4111TPZ MSP432P4111TPZ Buy Datasheet
MSP432P411VIPZ MSP432P411VIPZ Buy Datasheet
MSP432P411YIPZ MSP432P411YIPZ Buy Datasheet
TPS22860DBVR TPS22860DBVR Buy Datasheet

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