TIDA-01552 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

8 Channel, 2-A High-Side Driver Reference Design for Digital Output Modules


This eight-channel, parallel, 2-A, high-side, digital output reference design for factory automation applications like PLCs shows the diagnostic features and the power density of new Texas Instruments high-side driver components (such as TPS27S100). Each output can individually measure the output current in real time. This feature makes it possible to detect wire breaks and short circuits during operation. Modifications of the output load due to ageing or manipulation can be discovered as well.

  • Eight channel 24V high side switch digital output
  • 2A/channel 10A total per board fully protected
  • Output current test per channel (5mA accuracy)
  • Negative clamping voltage -30V (fast decay)
  • Power supply current limit and circuit breaker
  • Designed to comply with IEC61000-4-x
  • Control Units for Construction Equipment
  • Digital Output Module
  • Motor Control for Rail Transport
  • Motor Valves
Product Categories
  • Power Management


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TPS27S100APWPR TPS27S100APWPR Buy Datasheet

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TIDA-01552 Gerber 06 Nov 2017 ZIP 456
TIDA-01552 Altium 06 Nov 2017 ZIP 2617
TIDA-01552 PCB 06 Nov 2017 PDF 2519
TIDA-01552 Assembly Drawing 06 Nov 2017 PDF 429
TIDA-01552 BOM 06 Nov 2017 PDF 41
TIDA-01552 Schematic 06 Nov 2017 PDF 703