TIDA-01537 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Scalable automotive HEV/EV 6s to 96s lithium ion cell supervision demonstrator reference design


This reference design is a small-sized cell supervision demonstrator design for a centralized battery management system (BMS). Its configurable capacitive isolation daisy chain solution enables monitoring and protecting cells ranging from 6-series to 96-series: which allows its use in BMS systems ranging from 24 V to 400 V . In hybrid or electric vehicles (HEV/EVs): a high voltage lithium ion battery stores the energy required for traction and housekeeping. The lithium ion cells in the battery must be monitored while charging and discharging. This design provides a solution for monitoring lithium ion cell voltages accurately and communicating the data externally via various interfaces such as CAN and bqStudio.

  • Scalable cell supervision circuits from 6s to 96sAccurate leakage current estimationEstimated isolation resistanceAccurate high-voltage measurementScalable to multiple batteries
  • Energy storage battery packs (with BMS)
  • Mobile robot CPU board
  • Battery management system (BMS)
Product Categories
  • Power management