TIDA-01465 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Capacitive Frost or Ice Detection Reference Design, Resolution of <1mm, Temperature Drift <0.25%


Frost and ice buildup on cooling bodies and evaporators can significantly decrease system energy efficiency in many appliance applications such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and freezers. This sensor reference design helps to achieve the more stringent energy efficiency requirements of modern appliances through reducing the number of unnecessary defrost cycles by sensing the amount of ice buildup (resolution of < 1mm) on enclosures and metal surfaces of cooling bodies to trigger defrost cycles only when necessary, versus the traditional defrost trigger method of using a timer or temperature sensor.

  • Resolution of < 1mm, temperature drift < 0.25%
  • Reduce energy by minimizing defrost cycle of melting ice or frost on evaporator coils to eliminate unnecessary defrost cycles
  • Fit for universal application in all types of refrigeration equipment with great sensitivity, high reliability, and low cost
  • Accurately sense thickness of ice or frost accumulated on surface of evaporating coils of refrigeration equipment
  • Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit
  • Refrigerators & Freezers
Product Categories
  • Sensing Products


Part Number Name Companion Part
FDC2214RGHR FDC2214RGHR Buy Datasheet
LP2985AIM5-2.5/NOPB LP2985AIM5-2.5/NOPB Buy Datasheet
MSP430F5528 MSP430F5528 Buy Datasheet
TPD2E001 TPD2E001 Buy Datasheet

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