TIDA-01447 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

3.3-V: 1-A: Cost-Effective: Single-Layer TO-247 LDO Replacement Reference Design With 91% Efficiency


This reference design demonstrates a small solution size: high-efficiency: and low-EMI DC/DC module for LDO replacement in major home appliances. Replacing LDOs with DC/DC modules drastically improves system efficiency: saving on solution size and BOM cost while also eliminating the need for heat sinks. The module takes up the same amount of space as a TO-247 package and is pin-to-pin compatible with the TO-220 LDO: such as UA7805: enabling quick evaluation and reduced time to market. The TPS561201 power converter enables a higher output current and lower power consumption at full-load: low-load: and standby operation. This module is the same size with a TO-247 package and is pin compatible with the TO-220 LDO: enabling a quick evaluation and time to market.

  • 1.1-μA standby current and 423-μA no load currentSmall form factor: pin-compatible with TO-220 and size-compatible with TO-247Less than 35 °C increase at full load which eliminates the need of heat sinkReduces onboard DC/DC design complexity: saves R&D time and efforts for switching power supply EMC design (quicker to market)
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Air conditioner outdoor unit
  • Cooker hood
  • Cordless handheld garden tool
  • Appliances: battery charger
  • Expansion module
  • Three phase UPS control & communication module
  • Residential water heater
  • Heat pump
Product Categories
  • Power management