TIDA-01413 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

ADAS 8-Channel Sensor Fusion Hub Reference Design with Two 4-Gbps Quad Deserializers


This sensor fusion hub reference design allows the connection of up to four 2-megapixel cameras and up to four radar modules over coaxial cable. This design utilizes these coaxial cables to provide power: backchannel communication: and clock synchronization to the sensors. The two 4 Gbps FPD-Link III quad deserializers support dual-outputs of the Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Camera Serial Interface-2 (CSI-2) over a Samtec connector to application processors.

  • Accepts 8 high-speed data inputs over FPD-Link III synchronization capabilityDirectly connects to TDA2Plus EVM through CSI-I interfaceCar battery can directly supply board power with protection from reverse currentWorks with any camera that uses compatible FPD-Link III DS90UB953 serializerMSP430™ Microcontroller (MCU) available to initialize and configure video pipelineDesign compatible with onboard MCU: without MCU: or with external MCU
  • ADAS domain controller
  • Mirror replacement/CMS
  • Front sensor fusion
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