TIDA-01386 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor with IO-Link Reference Design


This reference design features an ultrasonic distance sensor that fits in a M12 housing due to its high integration and an optimized layout. The design offers an IO-Link interface to communicate with the system control, which makes it industry 4.0 ready. The purpose of ultrasonic sensors is to detect or measure distances of an object independently from their color, transparency, or surface characteristics and from the surrounding environment.Ultrasonic sensors are able to function in harsh environments such as factories and process plants.

  • Small form factor: M12
  • IO-link interface
  • Distance range: 10cm to 30cm (300kHz); 30cm to 5m (58kHz)
  • Resolution: ~1mm (300kHz); ~1cm (58kHz)
  • Non-contact detection and measurement
  • Level Transmitter
  • Displacement Transmitter (Angular, Linear & Axial)
  • Industrial Robot Sensing Module
  • Logistics Robot Sensing Module
  • Drone Vision
Product Categories
  • Sensing Products


Part Number Name Companion Part
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