TIDA-01382 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Automotive Daytime Running Light (DRL) LED Driver Reference Design with Linear Thermal Foldback


The TIDA-01382 reference design is a precision pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming solution for daytime running lights (DRL) including thermal foldback without requiring a microcontroller (MCU). The design includes key peripherals like electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtering, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filerting, voltage conditioning (shunt regulator), thermal foldback, precision clock generation, and LED drive.

  • Linear thermal foldback for LED protection
  • Precision PWM signal with 2% accuracy
  • Designed for operation through cold crank, load dump and reverse battery conditions
  • Efficiency optimized design
  • Exterior Lighting - Headlight
  • Exterior Lighting - Rear Light
Product Categories
  • Power Management