TIDA-01234 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

24W Boost and Boost-to-Battery Reference Design for Automotive LED Lighting


TIDA-01234 is a 24W: high-efficiency (94%): low cost: Asynchronous boost design for automotive LED application based on LM3481-Q1. This design applies to automotive high brightness lighting such as headlights and taillights and also interior LED lighting systems. It is designed to operate with an input range from 6Vin to 18Vin and can drive multiple strings of 6 to 7 LEDS (16V to 24V) in series at 1A constant current. The design support analog LED brightness control and output open protection. In Boost-to-Battery configuration: input voltage can either be higher: lower or equal to required LED strings voltage.

  • 24W Automotive LED Driver Solution94% System efficiency @full load at 12Vin for Boost; 88.9% System efficiency @full load at 12Vin for Boost to BatteryOpen Circuit ProtectionSwitching Frequency:  350kHz
  • Headlight
  • Mirror replacement/camera mirror system
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
LM3481-Q1 LM3481-Q1 Buy Datasheet

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