TIDA-01187 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

LIDAR-Pulsed Time-of-Flight Reference Design Using High-Speed Data Converters


Time-of-flight (ToF) optical methods for measuring distance with high precision are utilized in a variety of applications, such as laser safety scanners, range finders, drones, and guidance systems. This design details the advantages of a high-speed data-converter-based solution, including target identification, relaxed sample-rate requirements, and a simplified signal chain. The design also addresses optics, driver and receiver front-end circuitry, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs), and signal processing.

  • Measurement range of 1.5 m to 9 m
  • Range measurement mean error of <±6 mm and standard deviation of <3 cm
  • 5.75-W pulsed 905-nm near-infrared laser diode and driver with <1-mW average output power
  • Laser collimation and photo receiver focusing optics
  • 125-MSPS 15-bit ADC and 500-MSPS 16-bit DAC signal chains
  • Pulsed ToF measurement method with DFT-based range estimation


Part Number Name Companion Part
ADC3244I GZ ADC3244I GZ Datasheet
ADC3244I GZ25 ADC3244I GZ25 Datasheet
ADC3244I GZT ADC3244I GZT Datasheet
ADC3244IRGZ25 ADC3244IRGZ25 Buy Datasheet
ADC3244IRGZR ADC3244IRGZR Buy Datasheet
PADC3244IRGZT PADC3244IRGZT Buy Datasheet
CDCM7005 CDCM7005 Buy Datasheet
CDCM7005 GZ CDCM7005 GZ Datasheet
CDCM7005 GZ G4 CDCM7005 GZ G4 Datasheet
CDCM7005 GZT CDCM7005 GZT Datasheet
CDCM7005 GZTG4 CDCM7005 GZTG4 Datasheet
CDCM7005-SP CDCM7005-SP Buy Datasheet
CDCM7005RGZR CDCM7005RGZR Buy Datasheet
CDCM7005RGZRG4 CDCM7005RGZRG4 Buy Datasheet
CDCM7005RGZT CDCM7005RGZT Buy Datasheet
CDCM7005ZVA CDCM7005ZVA Buy Datasheet
CDCM7005ZVAT CDCM7005ZVAT Buy Datasheet
DAC5682Z DAC5682Z Buy Datasheet
DAC5682ZI GC DAC5682ZI GC Datasheet
DAC5682ZI GCT DAC5682ZI GCT Datasheet
DAC5682ZIRGC DAC5682ZIRGC Buy Datasheet
DAC5682ZIRGCRG4 DAC5682ZIRGCRG4 Buy Datasheet
DAC5682ZIRGCTG4 DAC5682ZIRGCTG4 Buy Datasheet
OPA695 OPA695 Buy Datasheet
OPA695ID OPA695ID Buy Datasheet
OPA695ID G4 OPA695ID G4 Datasheet
OPA695IDBV OPA695IDBV Datasheet
OPA695IDBV G4 OPA695IDBV G4 Datasheet
OPA695IDBVR OPA695IDBVR Buy Datasheet
OPA695IDBVRG4 OPA695IDBVRG4 Buy Datasheet
OPA695IDBVT OPA695IDBVT Buy Datasheet
OPA695IDBVTG4 OPA695IDBVTG4 Buy Datasheet
OPA695IDGK OPA695IDGK Datasheet
OPA695IDGKR OPA695IDGKR Buy Datasheet
OPA695IDGKT OPA695IDGKT Buy Datasheet
OPA695IDR OPA695IDR Buy Datasheet
OPA695IDRG4 OPA695IDRG4 Buy Datasheet
OPA857 OPA857 Buy Datasheet
OPA857I GT OPA857I GT Datasheet
OPA857I GTT OPA857I GTT Datasheet
OPA857TD2 OPA857TD2 Buy Datasheet
THS4541I GT THS4541I GT Datasheet
THS4541I GTT THS4541I GTT Datasheet
THS4541I UN THS4541I UN Datasheet
THS4541I UNT THS4541I UNT Datasheet

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