TIDA-01055 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

ADC Voltage Reference Buffer Optimization Reference Design for High Performance DAQ Systems


The TIDA-01055 reference design for high performance DAQ Systems optimizes the ADC reference buffer to improve SNR performance and reduce power consumption with the TI OPA837 high-speed op amp. This device is used in a composite buffer configuration and provides a 22% power improvement over traditional op amps. Voltage reference sources with an integrated buffer often lack the drive strength required to achieve optimal performance in a high-channel count systems.  This reference design is capable of driving several ADCs, and achieves a system ENOB of 15.77 bits using an 18-bit, 2-MSPS SAR ADC.

  • Two stage buffer design for reducing noise generated from voltage reference
  • Implements new low power reference driver with the slew rate capability to drive a 2MSPS SAR ADC
  • Data Acquisition (DAQ)
Product Categories
  • Amplifiers

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TIDA-01055 Gerber 15 Sep 2017 ZIP 1227
TIDA-01055 Altium 15 Sep 2017 ZIP 17037
TIDA-01055 PCB 15 Sep 2017 PDF 3715
TIDA-01055 Assembly Drawing 15 Sep 2017 PDF 872