TIDA-010081 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

>95% Efficiency: 1-kW analog control AC/DC reference design for 5G telecom rectifier


This compact: high efficiency reference design with a 54-V DC: 1000-W output targets 5G telecom power and industrial AC/DC power supplies. The circuit consists of a front-end continuous conduction mode (CCM) power factor correction (PFC) circuit based on the UCC28180: followed by a robust LLC stage for an isolated DC/DC converter based on the UCC256403. For high efficiency needs: the UCC24624 handles synchronous rectification. This design uses an auxiliary power supply flyback with the UCC28911: which has an internal high-voltage MOSFET. This design enables 95.9% peak efficiency and allows the system to work without forced cooling. The whole system has low iTHD: with 30% load at <12%: 50% load at <8%: 100% load at <5.5%: and good load transient performance.

  • Peak efficiency of 95.9% at 230-V AC and 95% across 30%~100% loadCCM PFC and half bridge LLC based (UCC28180 and UCC256403)Low iTHD: 30% load at Good load transient performance at less than 1% regulationMeets ±1% accuracy for input power meter across whole load rangePassive cooling with sealed metal case
  • Industrial AC-DC
  • Merchant telecom rectifiers
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  • Power management