TIDA-010074 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

16S-17S Battery pack reference design with low current consumption


This reference design is a low standby and low ship mode current consumption 16S-17S LiFePO4 Li-ion battery pack design for telecom battery backup and emotorcycles. It was implemented for a 2-layer PCB. The 9S-15S AFE bq76940 monitors the lower 15 cells voltage and a two-channel general purpose amplifier LM2904B monitors the 16th and 17th battery cells voltage. The design protects the battery pack against overvoltage: undervoltage: overcurrent: and overtemperature: and it reduces energy consumption when in standby and shipping mode through a welldesigned auxiliary power supply strategy and a highly efficient: low quiescent current DC/DC converter LM5164: therefore allows longer shipping time and idle time.

  • Cost competitive 16S-17S LiFePO4 /Li-ion battery pack solution±5-mV cell voltage sensing accuracy for 16/17S battery cell @ room temperature100-µA current consumption when in standby mode5-µA current consumption when in shipping modeRobust and programmable protection: including cell overvoltage and undervoltage: overcurrent discharge: short circuit: overtemperature and undertemperature
  • Other industrial battery pack (>=10S)
  • Battery backup unit (BBU)
  • Single phase offline UPS
  • Battery pack: e-bike/e-scooter/light electric vehicle (LEV)
Product Categories
  • Power management