TIDA-010038 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

94% Peak efficiency: 150W norm: 240W peak industrial AC/DC power supply with CC/CV reference design


This compact: high efficiency: 24V DC: 150W nominal: 240W peak output at 230VAC reference design is targeted for industrial AC/DC power supplies. The circuit consists of a frontend transition mode (TrM) power factor correction(PFC) circuit based on the UCC28056: followed by a robust LLC stage for an isolated DC/DC converter based on the UCC256301. For high efficiency needs: synchronous rectification is done with the UCC24624. This design does not need an additional auxiliary power supply to meet no-load consumption. The design enables 94% peak efficiency and allows the system to work without forced cooling. This design has both constant current(CC) and constant voltage(CV) feedback loop which is suitable for battery charger application.

  • Wide operation input range of 90 to 265V AC with full power delivery over entire rangePeak overall efficiency of 94.4% at 230V AC and 93% at 115V AC: enables natrual convection coolingDelivers up to 6.25A continuous current and up to 10A peak current for 3 seconds Adjustable output voltage from 22 to 28VVery low no load power consumption of System protected for overcurrent: short-circuit: and overvoltage ensuring safety needs
  • Residential lighting
  • Area & landscape lighting
  • LED power supply
  • Merchant battery charger
  • Industrial AC-DC
  • Stage lighting
Product Categories
  • Power management