TIDA-010012 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Industrial wireless condition monitoring reference design


Use this reference design to quickly establish a wireless network that connects various types of sensors for condition monitoring directly to the Cloud. Condition Monitoring is based on a regular or permanent recording of the machine condition which is necessary for predictive maintenance. Inputs such as RS-232: RS-485: IO-Link or resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) are included in the design to monitor different sensors and machines.

  • Dual multi-protocol support with one device
  • Wi-Fi Internet-on-a chip
  • RS232, RS422, RS485 and IO-Link interfaces with integrated protection
  • 3-wire RTD sensor input
  • Condition monitoring module
  • Condition monitoring sensor
  • Condition monitoring gateway
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Industrial Wireless Condition Monitoring Reference Design 10 Dec 2018 PDF 1458
TIDA-010012 Gerber 10 Dec 2018 ZIP 1059
TIDA-010012 CAD Files 10 Dec 2018 ZIP 5258
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TIDA-010012 Assembly Files 10 Dec 2018 ZIP 356
TIDA-010012 BOM Files 10 Dec 2018 ZIP 174
TIDA-010012 Schematic Files 10 Dec 2018 ZIP 750